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Hot Comic in the City

Is it possible to laugh in a brick oven? Of course it is.  Folks in Phoenix have been doing it for years and these laughs extend far past “a priest walks into a bar” jokes on a golf course.  Many famous comedians have come out of Arizona, and even more of them have made jokes about Arizona.  Let’s face it, when you live in a place so hot, the only way to cope with the heat is by having a sense of humor.

This blog is dedicated to not only the proposition but the reality of the very hip, modern and vibrant comedy community in Phoenix.

The Phoenix scene is more than just the Tempe Improv that brings in comedians from around the country.  Phoenix offers comedy nights at venues in the Downtown area alone every Monday through Thursday.

Dan Mer, former part-owner of the Tempe Improv is opening a new club in CityScape Downtown called Stand Up Live which will feature many nationally known big names as well.

While big names are exciting and entertaining there is still a plethora of untapped, raw and unpaid talent in the valley.

Phoenix and it’s surrounding areas also provide several hilarious Improv teams/troupes that (most of the time) provide family friendly shows that are not only highly entertaining because of their different style but also geared toward’s audience participation.

Big and Bashful

The Man Behind D.H.H.

(not just heckling)

This blog is for anybody who wants a comprehensive location to fill all their humor cravings in the hot city.