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Stand-Up: The Comedy Spot

Phoenix is considered a training ground for the Los Angeles comedy scene.  Only 500 miles away from hollywood and boasting the fifth largest metropolitan population in the country, Phoenix is a perfect hot bead for stand-up comedians.

One of the most popular places for budding, and experienced comics to perform is the Comedy Spot in Scottsdale.

The Comedy Spot is a nice room located in Old Town Scottsdale that attracts professional and amateur comedians from around the country.

They have shows every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. and every sunday at 7 p.m.

Open Mic

One of the most remarkable things about The Comedy Spot is their open-mic night the last Sunday of every month.

The open-mic night attracts novice, amatuer, and professional comedians and provides audiences with a lot of variety. (sometimes not always good variety)

Without a doubt the Comedy Spot runs the largest and most entertaining open-mic in the valley and the waiting list to perform is nearly a year long.


The Comedy Spot offers classes to aspiring comedians who want to learn the art of stand-up.  Every once in a while the Comedy Spot puts on a “Class Showcase” to highlight the best comics from the class.  The next showcase is Thursday, September 16th.


The Comedy Spot brings in professional talent from all over the country.  Comedians often have the Comedy Spot on their tours and there are lots of nationally known acts booked every single month.

Local Comics

The comedy spot urges local comics to perform in the open-mics and often times the best ones will be asked to open for one of the headliners on a Friday or Saturday.  The Comedy Spot does a great job giving young local talent a place to perfect their art before heading into the belly of the beast.


The Comedy Spot is located at 7117 East 3rd Ave in Scottsdale


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